We’ve seen the Future and it’s in the Past!

Time Travel with us to discover your  Ancestors Past!

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These two ladies are my two favorite people.   My Great Grandma Helen Donahoe & My Grandma, Rita, featured beneath her.

I have a huge passion for the past.  Genealogy is my obsession!

These two ladies were instrumental in my desire to learn more about my heritage.

And as a result of that desire to connect with my past, I want others to experience the joy of finding out more about your ancestors past.  

In each of us..  There is a longing.  A deep desire to be seen, heard, and loved.   Connected.

Connected to our Friends and Family.

Your ancestors are no different. They are more than just  names and dates on paper.

They want to be  Seen,  Remembered, & Cherished.

Take a Journey with us.…

Let’s Time Travel together, to discover who your ancestors were.

Learn about their trials & triumphs.

You’ll feel connected to them.

 We’ve seen the future, and it’s in the past.