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Ancestor Experts™ is privately owned, and is operated by professional genealogists.

Ancestor Experts™ is a virtual genealogy research firm.  The majority of research is conducted on site, at local archives, and from home.

Ancestor Experts™ research services are conducted in over 3,000 archives across the globe. This includes the  Family History Library in Salt Lake City, state, county and city government archives, University and Public libraries,courthouses, Genealogical Societies and other various record repositories. Our Ancestor Experts™also utilize the vast resources made available via genealogical subscription websites.

Ancestor Experts™ has over 3000 genealogists, that have excelled in their various fields of expertise, including genetics, one name studies,  religions, ethnic groups, and time periods. We have numerous  Archivists, DNA specialists, Private Investigators, Criminology Experts, Historians,  University Professors ,and genealogists around the globe.  Ancestor Experts™ can access 95% of  genealogical records that aren't available on the internet.

Ancestor Experts™ offers some of the best pricing available in the genealogy industry.  We promise that you won't break the bank to get an exceptional research report on your ancestors!

You have three options to choose from:

  • Record Pulls:  We can do a single record pull from a specific record collection, family history library microfilm, online database search, or from a record repository; court record, vital record, etc.   This is a fixed price/record pull.

  • Our Hourly Option:  You can choose an hourly rate for smaller projects. The cost is determined by the number of hours needed for research.

  • Our Package Deals: This option affords us the opportunity to reach your research objectives. It's the most cost-effective way to conduct research for you.  We recommend making an additional 10% payment towards your package for purchasing vital and civil records, so we can extrapolate the information from these records, to reach your research objectives.

All of our Ancestor Experts™ research team members are fully vetted, before they may begin working with us. We only select the researchers who have achieved certification credentials via the Board of Certified Genealogists, International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists, a 4 or 2-year degree in Family History from BYU,  certifications from other various certifying bodies etc..

We require any genealogist that wishes to work with us,  to submit a research report on an ancestor of our choosing. We supply them with one record about this ancestor and require them to locate additional records about this ancestor within a 10-hour research limit.  They are not paid to conduct this research. They'll submit a report to us, which we then review for accuracy, genealogical quality, and not exceeding the time limit.

All of our genealogists will be selected for your project, based on their expertise and your research objectives.


Since each research project is unique, it can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks to complete your research, based on the complexity and scope of your research objectives. Your Project Manager(PM) will keep you informed as to the progress of your research. They receive regular weekly updates from the genealogists assigned to your project and report back to you as to the status of your project    You'll be given access to our state of the art project management system, to check on the status of your research project, as it progresses towards it's completion.

Ancestor Experts™ will provide the following with each research report:

  1. Research Report: This document will provide you with the results and analysis of your research objectives. It will also provide a research log of all records researched.

  2. Digitized Documents: You'll also be provided with all the digitized images of all the records provided in the report.  All digitized records and reports will be accessible from our client download system.

  3. Additional Recommendations: You'll also be provided with additional research recommendations to extend your research further.

    * Printed Copies of your report can be purchased for an additional fee. We can also provide a digital tree you can access online, for an additional fee.

When you hire Ancestor Experts™ genealogists to conduct research for you, you are hiring us for our expertise and the time required to research information on your ancestors. We cannot guarantee specific results or guarantee that all your research objectives will be met.  This is based on the complexity of your research objectives, record availability, and the information contained in any given record collection.

However, what we do guarantee, is that we will research all records thoroughly in the time allotted, based on your research package.  We'll provide you with a detailed research log of all records researched, and the positive and negative results from each record searched. If you hire us to do the research, we regrettably cannot provide a refund even if there are negative results.

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