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Why Hire Ancestor Experts™?


Ancestor Experts™ is the best genealogy firm that you could select, for anyone who wants to learn more about their Ancestors lives. We are one of the largest Genealogy firms in the world. Our  network of  Ancestor Experts™ are available to research your ancestors, on site, at various locations throughout the World. Our Ancestor Experts™ can track down and trace your ancestors in records on site through, State & Local Archives, Libraries, Universities, Genealogical Societies, and other various genealogical repositories. 

Your research project will be customized based on your specific research goals. We'll focus our efforts to achieve your expectations.

We complete most research projects between 12-16 weeks. You can expect exceptional results with every project.

You’ll get the finest genealogical report about your ancestors. Your research project will be meticulously reviewed for accuracy and quality before it is delivered to you.

Our Ancestor Experts™ are fully vetted in their respective fields of expertise. They are either BCG Certified, AG Certified, have a degree in genealogy, or have conducted research for over 20 years.

The price for your research project, won't break the bank.  You can expect an excellent return on your investment with your research report.

Our Ancestor Experts™ have access to over 5000+ State, County, and Local Court records

Our Ancestor Experts™ have access to over 5000+ State, County, and local Genealogy Socities

Our Ancestor Experts™ have access to over 10000+ State, County, and local libraries.

Our Ancestor Experts™ have access to over 5000+ State, County, and local Universities and Colleges worldwide.

Our Ancestor Experts™ have access to over 15000+ State , County, and local Vital record repositories.

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Research Services

Our Ancestor Experts™ are the top of the line, when it comes to tracing difficult ancestors, and breaking down genealogical brick walls. We have over 4000 researchers available to locate records on-site at archives and other repositories.  We’ll also use all the latest technology to help you find out who you are. 

Document Record Retrieval

Because we have over 4000 Our Ancestor Experts™ on site or close to National & State Archives, We can retrieve records for you usually within 24-72 hours. We can track down various records types, quickly and efficiently all over the world.

Your Ancestors who were slaves.

Our Ancestor Experts™ understand how important it is to trace your ancestors, who were enslaved during the Antebellum and post Antebellum timeframes and beyond.  You can entrust our expertise to locate and celebrate their lives.